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Elena is the Head of Physical Theater at The New England Center for Circus Arts. There she developed a curriculum centered on Play, Creativity, & Lecoq technique that spans the three-year pre-professional training program. Subjects include mask, clown, Lecoq-technique, and jeux.
She is a guest teacher at The Studio Acting Conservatory where she teaches Clowning and Mask, and has taught as a Wolf Trap Teaching Artist through the Institute for Early Learning Through the Arts. 
Acting for Animators, Lecoq Technique and Power Play​ are available in 3 hour, 1 day, weekend, or semester length sessions. Custom classes, including masterclasses, individual coaching, and classes designed for your group's unique needs are also available.


Acting for Animators


Are you an animator who seeks to deepen their craft? Through the physical theater techniques taught in Acting for Animators, you will do just that. Classes are customized to the needs of the project and population.  Subjects include, but are not limited to:
  • action / reaction
  • object manipulation
  • movement analysis
  • play as writing tool
  • anticipation / release
  • crescendo
  • character development


Lecoq Technique
Why are top schools like Yale and George Washington University turning to the work of the French theater pioneer Jacques Lecoq for their students?
By physicalizing  the movements of the natural world - elements, animals, materials, even color - and then transposing their innate dynamics to the stage - students create vital, body-led theater.

Elena teaches all aspects of Lecoq pedagogy, including neutral mask, clowning, larval masks, identifications and devised theater.

She is available to teach in university and conservatory settings.
Power Play

Elena's explosively popular class, Power Play, is perfect for performers and non-performers alike. From the corporate world to the classroom to the stage, everyone is fascinated by how their physicality effects how they feel and how they are perceived.
If you want to learn how to project a more powerful demeanor, to understand the subtle (and not-so-subtle) see-saw of power in relationships in theater and in life, and to have a GREAT time, then Power Play is for you!



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