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Teaching Testimonials

​​Power Play

AMAZING workshops today! Thanks to the ever lovely Elena Day for her Power Play workshop. God I adore her, and let me just say this here, she is incredible to watch and work with! LEARNED A TON!
John DiDonna, Director, Empty Spaces Theater Company, Orlando, FL

What a wonderful workshop with Elena Day! Having the opportunity to play, connect with, and challenge my colleagues gave our group a breath of fresh air. A few hours to gain tools and inspiration and it seemed like it was just the tip of the iceberg...I felt like Elena had endless material to offer.
Yvonne Tousek, Artist, Cirque du Soleil's Corteo

I love Elena's approach to performance/theater/presence/interaction/play and ALWAYS learn A TON from her.
Valeska Papuloh, Faculty, Fiber Department, MICA, Baltimore, MD
Acting for Animators​

Elena Day was incredibly helpful in determining motivations behind characters, frame isolation, and the interaction between a character and their audience. Her ideas, particularly about isolating movements one by one, as opposed to a fluid stream of animation was very useful in determining how to keep motivation and plot progression clear. This paragraph is awful but I promise I learned things.
Animation Student, Maryland Institute College of Art


It was great having Elena Day come in to lecture/play! I was really nervous about it, but it was actually very fun and helpful to me (and my work). I thought what she had to say about anticipation and pauses was particularly useful. A lot of times it is easy to rush that, and it was just a great reminder to see how effective and funny stillness alone can be. It was also just nice getting to know the class a bit more. I feel like I’ve picked up something useful for when I’m trying to work things out on my own, too. Many thanks! I hope we get to see her again!
Animation Student, Maryland Institute College of Art
Clowning for Teens

Got some GREAT feedback on your class. The kids really loved it!
They all put about 15 exclamation marks behind every answer. Especially the question do you think what you learned will enhance future performances and give you more confidence, they all looked like this:
Thanks! I really love when kids say they learned how to play, kids these days don't play nearly enough. And it seemed every answer about the clowning class consisted of a newfound love for playing.
Jen Pommerenke, Director of Programs, Traveling Players Ensemble
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