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Performance Resume


  • MNEMONIC, Ensemble, Theater Alliance, DC

  • HAPPENSTANCE THEATER, Peirrette, Hillwood Estate, MD

  • BOOM TOWN, Lead Clown, Cirque Mechanics, NV

  • FOOL FOR ALL, Arleccino, Faction of Fools, DC

  • PANTHER AND CRANE, Fish Spirit, Ibex Puppetry, FL

  • LIFE IS A DREAM, Clarin, Mad Cow Theatre, FL

  • BEDTIME STORY, Clown, Kim Tom Clown Festival, China

  • LA NOUBA, The Green Bird, Cirque du Soleil, FL

  • LA NOUBA, La Petite Madame, Cirque du Soleil, FL

  • PRISONERS OF LOVE, Mathilde, Orlando Fringe Festival, Orlando New Playwrights Festival, FL

  • GUMSHOE RENDEZVOUS, Irene,  Jester Theater, FL

  • GENERATION S, Improvisational Actor, SAK Comedy Lab, FL

  • WILD HORSES, Clown, Yehriam Festival, Israel

  • JUGGLING DREAMS, Clown, Acco New Performance Festival, Israel

  • THE ENCHANTER, Multi-Character Quick Change, Interact Story Theater, MD

  • TOO MUCH NOSE, Multi-Character Quick Change, Interact Story Theater, MD

  • THE WILD WASHER WOMEN, Multi-Character Quick Change, Interact Story Theater, MD


  • CIRQUE DU SOLEIL, The Green Bird, Bravo Network, David Mallette, Dir

  • CHRISTMAS WITH DALE WINTON, The Green Bird, BBC, Theresa Clark, Dir

  • OTRONICON, Fairy/Monster (Motion Capture), The DAVE School, FL

  • TEDDY SCARES, Teddy, (Motion Capture), The DAVE School, FL

  • MECHWARRIOR, Captain Kerensky, The DAVE School, FL

  • MORE LIFE TO LIVE, Gambler, VA Center for the Aging, VA

  • ACTION PRINCIPLES, Featured, American Red Cross, DC

  • BARRIERS TO ACTION, Featured, American Red Cross, DC

  • PICASSO AT THE NATIONAL MUSEUM, Art Student, PBS, Patrick Prentice, Dir​



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