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 El Circo de Frida    a film by Elena Day

"El Circo de Frida" is an artistic gift, a creative gesture made for two artists whose work I love and admire: Daniele Finzi Pasca and Frida Kahlo. Produced by a creative team like no other, "El Circo de Frida" playfully examines the role of pain and mortality on creativity

Balloon Plays


Directed by Elena Day

Concept by Brett Abelman

Devised by Brett Abelman, Elena Day, Kollen Kintz,

Nora Achrati, Rachel Hynes


In this mostly non-verbal piece, three clowns find themselves in a world of balloons, before an audience of both children and children-at-heart. Each wants to tell their own story within the magical landscape. Come to play, come to pop. Balloons can be anything.


Review: 5 Stars, DC Theatre Scene

Review: 4 Stars, DC Metro Theater Arts

Review: Washington City Paper

​Promo: Acting for Animators

Running Time: 2:25 min

Film by Michael Day


Are you an animator, animation teacher, or head of an animation studio? If so, then this video is for you. 

on the nOse - introduction

Running Time: 3:33 min

Film produced by Elena Day and Tony Bolante, Edited by Tony Bolante


First of 6 segments of the video footage for :on the nOse: a multi-media modern clown show," produced at the Orlando Fringe Festival, Roundhouse Theater, and The New York Clown Theater Festival
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